Sovereignty, as claimed by nations, is pointless when all the people on earth adopt a global constitution that requires amendments or interpretations be approved through a popular global voting process. Gone forever are governments that can violate their own constitutions, and then be granted immunity by their courts, the final arbitrator of national constitutional rights.

This arrangement insures that sub global constitutions contain fatal virus, since as long as each nation's pride and desires drive them to compete for territory, wealth and religious beliefs, to the extent that they believe it is within their constitutional rights to be immune from global consequences, they will habitually violate universal standards of justice. The last world war proved it. Current events reflect the disease. National constitutions are routinely used by the unscrupulous as the ultimate weapon for exploitation. Example, governments must most certainly disrupt or discredit biological family ties, the most responsible voting majority of their people, to control them: Example, prioritizing the sexes or races, a methodology that is most heinous in nature.

A constitution of the people, for the people and by people, must protect the core nature of civilization; consensual integrity. Current constitutions do not! This document ensures family equality of the sexes and races, a vital measure that protects the families of humankind, as a global community, with an enduring democratic system heretofore to be called, "Familyism:" A new word that can profoundly affect the very survival of humankind.

Here is a global encompassing constitution of the people that mandates that society preserve consensual integrity, an indivisible component of society, resulting in global justice and makes it imaginable to end warfare by wrestling away the wealth from those that pay for the instruments necessary to conduct it. Not just another negotiable legal document, but a sole source of protection against "flawed" national constitutions that enables our sick society. A constitution and the codification of human family rights: Identifying and correcting injustices practiced by religions and sovereign nations. That criminalizes judicial appointments for the purpose of forwarding political agendas.

This author welcomes comments from all who believe or disbelieve that we do have a destiny to be cosmic citizens instead of caught up in the black hole of competing nations, who in error, create the propaganda that their faith in God and country will best allow the long term, permanent existence for humanity.