We the inhabitants on planet earth, born with a supreme conscience, do hereby claim our birth right to ordain and establish universal rights and liberties, not provided for by sovereign nations. To continue our kind as limitless throughout the cosmos and beyond, we form this union to secure our bond of universal commonality.


AS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, we declare that all People be governed as one "Global Nation" surviving national sovereignties. Therefore to end the unjust inconsistencies inherent in international politics, we hereby ordain and establish this Constitution so as to be free of the pledge of allegiance required by nations. There from, to be relieved from said legal servitude and thru resolutions from our supreme conscience, we do herein establish universal rules of law. A Bourne identity, whereas requited love prevails: A brilliant arraignment, where the enveloped child is sublime, with soul so virginal as to continue thru out life. There from to thrive in a perfect parental state so as to be inspired by ones supreme conscience. We do therefore craft this Ark, to augment a union at harbor, with the families of human kind, safe in a "never ending" tide of light.

THE RIGHT to be safe from threatening images that flittered before the courts, where gnarled arms of relatives reached out for help to know their grandchildren too: There, painful gaps of light were whipping around our feet, tripping us by Justices, denying custodial balance. These glowing bats in black robes trailed traces of legal fluorescence after images before our faces, as crow like lawyers pecked out our eyes behind the trunks of twisted dead money trees. Bare, bursting into flame and turning to ash, we ran away, stumbling as a monkey like stepfather leaps upon our backs and plunges his arm into our chest. Still stumbling, the trees get thicker, the court hearings buried us and we sense ourselves falling off the edge of a Childs grave. Bottomless, we scream a message with the shuddering force of a father, falling forever thru desperation. "From your hate I am descending, still smelling the steamy mist streaming down your lying breath, as bloody tears now clear above me!" Where there are no more Harrods's copy cats, casting a spider kid, to kill a father, or mentors, facilitating a child on a mission to melt his father's wedding ring or where a son crucifies his deformed father, sending him back into space to lick his mortal scars as children overcome mortal dangers, needing not the protection of their fathers.



WHEREAS To adopt rules of law that prohibit religious or profit motives adversely affecting parental images, we hereby establish a "World Families Court" to litigate those who portray earthly fathers as a disposable sperm bank or mothers who must diminish their presence with mundane behavior and appearance, because of the imposition of psychotic bounds on women. Because of these unconscionable practices, to adopt a rule of law allowing a cause of action to recover damages from any government entity, supporting religious sanctions that result in the sexual prioritizing of men or women either in or out of a state of matrimony or resulting dissolutions.

WHEREAS, these adverse gender practices are a clear and present threat to the ideal propagation of our species, we declare the right to enable the sexes to complete the final species, even if it requires that certain sovereign functions of our governments are to be invalidated: To endow succeeding offspring with the capability of exchanging the present for the universal truths of the final future. As governed by a supreme conscience, we refuse to be the victims of present practices of preferential gender power that weakens parental authority: A pathologic alliance of religions and divisive governments that reward the perpetrators with territory, armament profits or preferential social status at the expense of the families of humankind. So as to fatally dissolve said alliances, we establish a "World Armament Council" to seize, from all perpetrating private or government entities, public or private funds deemed by a "World Supreme Court" to have been made available for the expenditures of armament to defend said heretofore illegal sanctions, including but not limited to the surrender of all weapons of mass destruction.

We hereby adopt a resolution to create a "World Recovery Agency" because the existing governments cease to meet the propagation needs of the People. Said Agency to maintain an adequate constable force to perform seizures of property, armament or assets from said private entities or supporting sovereign governments that should have known their actions (passive or active) could result in parental capitulation thru death or social injustice.



WHEREAS, we require amendments to National Constitutions, to provide funds for the maintenance of a world wide military force, to be deposited in a "Global Bank of Common Wealth Security:" Said Bank to finance all necessary military incursions to support seizure of assets that were the result of intentional recessions and all other forms of common wealth infractions.

TO ESTABLISH the "World Families Court" requiring National Supreme Courts to defer appeals for divorce or probate awards, to determine whether regional courts attempted to reduce welfare costs by granting sole custody of children: Thereto amounting to the creation of an illegal debtor's prison to aid in the collection of child support from alleged dead beat parents, "in the best interest of the child?" To correct social injustice, when religiously influenced Courts award no descendant wealth to a spouse, multiple or otherwise and the first born male perpetuates a dynastic estate. Said Court has the right to reverse all regional court decisions related to unjust survivors probate hearings, divorce or gender prioritization practices and sole custody awards, "in the best interest of the species."



WHEREAS said Court will be charged with the responsibility to correct all governmental or religious exploitation of the family, the root cause of obsessive generations, (military's, insurgents, gang's, addicts and coach idolaters) as to be the primary objective of the Court. We the people of the world require to rest in peace these aforementioned living dead, including those with their silent digit hieroglyphics symptomatic of self proclaimed fingah niggas and ambidextrous mexes. Authorized by the supreme conscience, to restore family bonds (a failure in all societies of the world) we do hereby resolve to cure the fatal insanity of the underachievers and ghetto dwellers by restoring their financial opportunities: As they are here with their fingers in our face, battling as the fatherless and the lawless. From our stuffed prisons we hear: "Our prison records we wear as a medal of honor in your false fathered society. Your arenas for incarceration, built to celebrate roman architectural glory. We avoid you with the help of alternative drugs. Although your incessant advertising, "Talk to Your Doctor" exonerate you from inevitable deadly cross dosing or over prescribing, there is still no doubt that we are competing drug cultures. Colliding as double dip devils, out of cost control and eventually that burden will bury you."



WHEREAS, these world wide obsessive compulsions caused primarily from financial desperation or social prioritization, are to be the responsibility of the offending financial or religiously misled societies of the world to correct and to testify to the truth of a new covenant to protect the spirituality of the human soul. A covenant: "Where there is no begotten son returning to fulfill his promises or costly prophets that seldom recruit their faithful to the opposite end of financial or mortal destruction. A covenant to not support any God, soliciting faith as covenant for conditional salvation: Nor any prophets, subscribing the faithful for holy war as the highest glory in the kingdom of God. Nor a prince of peace, begotten by God and a virgin Mother, blessing passive or active battles to protect the freedom of our soul and establish God's kingdom on earth. To not influence people to follow the war path set by the religiously misled fathers of our country, for God and Country because in their combat zones, soldiers too often created bloody gene pools by rape or lust that produced children, as beasts in a battle, honoring forever their fields of sacrificial stone: An unrelenting sacrifice in futility." To be replaced with a covenant to honor those graves, we do hereby require the offending social or religious societies to guarantee, "Never again" to conspire with a God or nation to offer one's life, as the final price for eternal freedom: To acknowledge that our eternal soul is at final peace from within, needing no alleged mother that conceived a child with God, to preach the promise of a divine fatherly estate. To rebuke all canonicals, whose scriptural justifications, are in the name of Allah, Buda or any other Prophets or alleged Gods. We covenant to errantly condemn alleged commandments, "Authored by a God" as conditions for salvation or promises of divine salvation, or thru a "Holy Book" to permit the performing of violent suicidal or divined missions of warfare.

WHEREAS we the People of the world do hereby proclaim to be the only true witness of death, that reclaim our life trust when not returned, as we are the key to all learning beings unlearned; teaching that a political and religiously corrupt world is a planet on the brink of extinction!

THE RIGHT to refuse to continue to pay the emotional costs of mortal financial pain and to provide for the surviving "living dead" an increased opportunity to see a measurable gain from the world common wealth enterprise system. We do hereby covenant to restore financial dignity to all that sustain an investing body of common wealth, where there is reward only when the trading of value, as stock in the common wealth, is a "world class life trust event." Instead of rewarding commissions to Brokers, that unconscionably out maneuvers the many to the advantage of the few. To then redirect these unsupportable money changing opportunists, (Real Estate, Insurance and Stock Brokers, etcetera) to use their brilliance to participate in a trade atmosphere where all transactions are deposited in a "Global Trade Bank:" Where common wealth investments, prohibit commissions or fees and participants are liable for their financial life trust wisdom.



WHEREAS we require to errantly end all governments rights to procure funds, and replace the purpose with a "Government Services fee" dispersed by a "Global Government Services Agency" authorized to approve general funds only when qualified thru direct voting procedures: Said government services to receive funds, only when certified as to need thru a herein said, "Ghetto Auditors Corps" and withdrawal and deposit transactions to be receipted thru one global currency, not subject to devolution. The entire world's Banks to become branches of the Global Trust Bank including Government Reserve Banks. There from all depositors are guaranteed recovery, (when certified by said Corps) of funds from all constituents incurring imprudent expenditures for so called "National Security."

THE RIGHT to direct all common wealth, from all previously existing banks, as heretofore branches of a "Global Trust Bank." To require a "global currency" as the prevailing reserve note. There from making all government financial reserve systems invalid: As this Bank will hold, as reserve liquidity, funds necessary to supply special and government service needs of the people. Therefore this will errantly prohibit financial institutions the right to charge service fees, reserves or interest on loans or equivalent thereof. Heretofore to be deemed unconscionable to derive profits from the common wealth of the people as the practice hereby constitutes the crime of usury. Said administrators will be required to request operational and dispersal of funds under the same procedures required heretofore. FIRST, that a governmental services fund and institutional loans and expenditures will be granted as required herein and must first be approved by at least a 51% popular vote, as "financial and operational services fees." SECOND, that all heretofore determined owners of real or negotiable wealth, (determined by ghetto auditors) entitle said auditors to withdraw funds or seize for sale, an equivalent amount for assessment, based on a sliding scale rule, a "pre deposit" in the Global Trust Bank, to satisfy said projected annual assessment.

THE RIGHT to augment any national citizenship to a "cosmic class citizenship" there from to receive all the rights and liberties as a "Universe Citizen." The right to participate in an advanced electronic electoral system, to conduct timely elections or to recall any administrators, discovered to be influenced by special interests or lobbyists. Administration candidates or government service requests must advertise needs or qualifications thru an advanced E mail enabled web site, 30 days prior to being awarded a position or funds. That the executive and legal authority of elected administration official's or World Supreme Court Justices prevails over all Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers, national Supreme Court Justices and etcetera: Whereas global politics is hereby criminalized.



THE RIGHT TO ESTABLISH a "World Health Trust" to purge bulimic industrialists of the health insurance funds they devour and the illegal drug addicts they inspire with their incessant advertising. To end profits from illegal drug trafficking by requiring legal providers of drugs to provide victims with free alternative drugs: To be freely dispensed by pharmaceutical giants and detoxification and rehabilitation to occur on an unlimited basis at free clinics, paid by insurers of the unsustainable health care industry.

THE RIGHT TO bring to justice the "MOST WANTED" herein described as financial imperialists, banks or insurers to big to fail, corrupt officials, investment schemers and stock manipulators. Rewards are hereby offered equal to the recovered personal or corporate assets of the perpetrators. To be evenly distributed to residence of the world's ghettos or underemployed, not to the conspiring victims because they contributed, thru their greedy usurious motivations. It is conscionable to award recovered wealth to the poverty stricken unemployed, toxic survivors of environmentally disastrous mineral and oil conglomerates or as the civilian casualties of the capitalist wars on the World's Wall Streets.



THEREFORE it is in the common interest to commission an independently trained "Ghetto Auditors Corps" to be permanent "deputies" charged to expose world wide legalized civil crime syndicates. Said deputies to be awarded bounties, resulting in a conviction of these greedy investors, corrupt officials, traders of wealth unearned, banks for poverty that loot and manipulate, with their hedge funds, derivatives and broken promises of health and national security, unabated or under punished. So heinous their offences, that the "Global Marshals" are authorized by the World Supreme Court, to apprehend these alleged perpetrators thru only probable cause, as to timely discontinue the misuse of the life saving wealth they squandered. Heretofore it is determined that so grievous are their alleged "capital crime offenses" that there be no bond. To be heard within 30 days by the "Global Supreme Court." As there is no appeal, "Capital Offenders" to be sentence to a life of solitary confinement, without the possibility of parole.



TO HAVE THE RIGHT appoint all Global Supreme Court Justices thru a global popular election process to preempt all national judicial system appointments, there from to abolish legal gamesmanship denying justice thru political Justices' appointments, untimely legal procedures, or protracted due process rules of law. The "Global Supreme Court Justices" will be appointed, sustained or recalled thru a consensus of opinion by a global popular vote to be completed within 30 days of commencement therefrom, said Justices in good standing, to have the right to timely intervene at all levels of any sovereign's civil or criminal justice system: To have the power to require or to reverse or dismiss decisions from said national courts no later than one month from the commencement of determined UN just legal process.



WHEREAS, determined as unconscionable, we the people of the world desire to purge ourselves of the disease of corporate contract bulimia's that spent a thousand times more on outer space exploration than terrestrial/inner because prior militaries had deep pockets: HERETOFORE to reorganize and promote the common welfare, with the liberty to exist in political peace, as one enduring "Cosmic Community." To meet our long term environmental challenges and continue our kind as limitless, we condemn the aerospace industries falsely warning, thru selective scientists, that although expensive, we must eventually relocate to another sphere: FIRST, to redirect the genius, capable of engineering conditions to stabilize our planetary system that will provide the optimal survival potential from natural disasters. A proactive agenda that unerring science is attempted to determine global climates and identify, with absolute certainty, the exact time and place of earthquakes: SECOND, to become capable, thru planetary engineering, to correct planet earth's wobbles and winters. To attempt said events we require that the pursuits of pure science be protected from selfish interests. To heed the coaching by our star kind societies, who inspire us to pursue optimal social and environmental stability as a right of passage to membership? Therefore, we the People, indivisible from a supreme being, refuse to allow nations to compromise our potential greatness or interpret this document thru any legal court system process. So is our resolve.




This popularly entrenched "Global Constitution" abolishes immunity from accountability because of national sovereignty. Replacing it with consensual integrity as a global consensus of opinion where all the people participate to prohibit the faith industries role in sanctioning wars and preempt National Constitutional Rights when in conflict with human rights. Walk hand in hand with the radiant, innocent child you were, there anticipating redemption by our common life trust, a "supreme conscience." That primary common bond, the very core of civilization, requires universal laws, bonded by "one" Constitution that errantly condemns the intentional docility's practiced by sub world governments.