Global constitution concepts, as studied and published in many articles and front organizations, defuse their likelihood in the body politic. This one will attain a consensus of opinion because it proclaims our mortal pain and suffering without it, that is caused by national constitutions. This one is the key, mandating consensual integrity, instead of using the term (Constitution) as a maneuvering tool by the unscrupulous. This one is the very core constitution (nature) of humankind's united supreme conscience.

  • A Constitution
  • The Constitution of The People
    • Preamble
    • Article 1
      (The right to a global union superseding national sovereignty)
    • Article 2
      (The right to military support by all nations)
    • Article 3
      (The right to compensation for national human rights violations)
    • Article 4
      (The right to adjudicate unjust social practices and mores)
    • Article 5
      (The right to social and legal condemnation of religious faith manipulators)
    • Article 6
      (The right to abolish national taxes and create a global prorated wealth fee)
    • Article 7
      (The right to redistribute the assets of legal, health and financial manipulators)
    • Article 8
      (The right to bring to trial, as capital crimes, manipulators of consensual integrity)
    • Article 9
      (The right to elect global Supreme Court justices thru a world wide popular vote)
    • Article 10
      (The right to require that public scientific funding be free from military interest groups)
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